Z- Presets


Download the 9 presets for Lighroom I’ve developed over the years.

  • Description

    Product Description

    I’ve always loved the analog & cinematic look of photos. I now shoot exclusively film, but even before I had a film camera in my hands I was trying to emulate that look on Lightroom. Over the last few years, I have developed 9 looks for my digital work. And now they can be yours. Use these presets as a starting point to create your own look and find your own photography style!

    In this pack you will find:

    * 7 colour presets
    * 2 black and white presets

    It’s very easy to install: After payment, you will receive a link to download the compressed folder containing: 9 Lightroom PC/Mac presets. Once downloaded, just go to the Presets module of Lightroom, click on the “+” button and select “Import Presets”. Select the .XMP files and all you have to do is start editing!

    There are compatible with all versions of Lightroom from version 7.3 and above, mobile & desktop.