60 years gone in 60 seconds

In 2013 I carried out a photo project: documenting my Grandparents.
First, it was supposed to be a portrait of two strong characters in their 80’s, by their granddaughter in her 20’s. But as I spent more time with them, I sadly found out that they were about to be expelled from the house they lived in for 60 years.
So I changed my photo story’s direction.

I named this project « 60 years gone in 60 seconds ». 60 seconds, that’s all it took the landlord to announce to my grandparents they were being expelled. This project was also telling the story of a lifelong habits, lifelong friendship and above all, lifelong love.
In 2017, after being married to the love if his life for 65 years, my beautiful grandpa passed away.
A couple of weeks ago I took my camera, visited my grandma in her small village in South of France and decided to carry on this project. Work is progress.